How Long Does Dominos Take To Deliver?

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Are you looking for How Long Does Dominos Take To Deliver? Read to know more. Everyone must have heard the name of the famous pizza-delivering chain Domino’s. Here you can get the cheesiest and the most delicious pizza available in outlets from all around the world. Nowadays, life has become so busier and people have the pressure of their work lives.

In this situation, there are times when people do not have the time to go to these outlets and have their delicious pizzas. In the tech-savvy era where everything is available online, people can also order their pizzas online. All you have to do is sit back at your place and order your favorite pizza. Here is everything that you need to know about the dominos’ delivery services.

Dominos Delivery Time

How Long Does Dominos Take To Deliver?

Dominos has a policy to deliver orders in no more than 30 minutes. It will take a maximum of 30 minutes to deliver to your mentioned location. Also, the orders will be made free if it takes more than 30 minutes.

However, dominos do not give any guarantee to its services on occasions like Diwali, New Year’s, Christmas, etc. If there could be some complications while delivering the order. This no-guarantee option is temporary but Domino’s states in its terms and conditions that it can withdraw the policy without giving any prior notice to its customers.

Domino’s Home Delivery Policy

The online ordering options have made access to pizzas easier. Now, you just have to order the pizza and it will be at your doorstep from the oven.

No matter if you are having a get-together, at your friends’ house enjoying a movie, or match, or just want to quench pizza cravings; simply open the site or app and pick your favorite pizza. Enter the details like the location of the order delivery and your contact details. There will be a short waiting time and the pizza will be yours.

Free Delivery Policy

The free delivery policy of Dominos has always been a topic of discussion. Dominos promises to deliver the pizzas in half an hour. If the delivery time exceeds 30 minutes, then it will be free delivery. However, the pizza price must be Rs. 300, and if the price is more than it then Rs. 300 will be deducted from your bill.

It increased the sales of pizzas but it also became a matter of concern as people took the wrong ways to get free pizza. They used to delay the delivery timings. So, dominos now have stated the terms of the free delivery policy.

It states that there is no guarantee of free delivery in 30 minutes if it is any festival, such occasion, or when the delivery conditions are complicated. Also, dominos can withdraw or modify this policy anytime.

Dominos Timings

How Long Does Dominos Take To Deliver?

Cravings can knock on the door anytime and it could be midnight too. There is no time for quenching pizza cravings and this is true in terms of Domino as they have flexible timings. If you want to know the exact timings of your nearest outlets then you can directly check the outlet timings or just can simply Google the timings about the dominos outlets near you. There could be different timings for specific outlets. 

FAQs: How Long Does Dominos Take To Deliver?

How Can I Get 50% Off On My Pizza Order?

If you are a new customer at Dominos or it’s your first order then you can avail a flat 50% off on your first pizza. The discount will be a maximum of Rs. 100. However, you must order at least one core pizza. 

What Is The Expected Time Of Delivery?

Dominos give a guarantee to deliver the orders within 30 minutes or else your order will be given to you free of cost. You will not have to pay a single penny for the orders.

What Are The Closing Timings Of Dominos?

Dominos stops delivering pizzas after 12 AM from Sunday till Thursday. This time changes to 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

What Does The Term Pizza Tracker Mean?

A pizza tracker can help you to better track your order or it simply lets you know where your order has arrived. You just need to enter your mobile number and you will get all the updates until your order is delivered.

Does Dominos Have Any Promotions And Deals?

Yes, Domino always offers its customers great deals and different promotional discounts. All you have to do is keep a check on the promotions section of dominos to avail of amazing deals. Also, users can follow social media accounts to get notifications whenever a new deal arrives. 


It is hard to decide whether today’s generation is lazy or we have become technology dependent. Whatever the reason is, the fact of virtual life cannot be neglected. Nothing is too far from anyone’s reach nowadays. So, whenever you feel like you are having pizza cravings you can simply order it online and your pizza will be at your doorstep soon.

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